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Invisalign i Krakow, tannlege dentestetica

See all stages of the Invisalign® treatment of malocclusions in children and adults. Step by step, inch by inch, your teeth will align correctly to create a beautiful and even smile, just as we have planned.
Step 1: Interview with the Invisalign® specialist
DENTestetica - dobry ortodonta - Kraków

During your consultation at Dentestetica Kraków, our orthodontist will discuss your bite problems in detail, ask about the history of your defect, tell you whether it can be treated with Invisalign, and describe the effects that can be achieved with the treatment.

Remember, Invisalign can be used to treat a wide range of malocclusions, from simple to very complicated ones, both in children and adults. During the appointment, the doctor will provide you with detailed information on the course, duration and cost of treatment,  and he will answer any questions and clarify all the doubts. Everything to help you make a good decision about your smile.

Watch – Is Invisalign for you?

Step 2: Individual treatment plan
DENTestetica - Invisalign - indywidualny aparat ortodontyczny

Once you have decided to start Invisalign treatment, the next step involves taking X-rays and regular photos, followed by taking an impression of your teeth. All these materials will be used to create a digital 3D image of your oral cavity.

Based on the above, a virtual simulation will be performed to show you exactly how your teeth will move at each stage of the treatment. At this point, the doctor will also be able to determine the expected duration of the treatment.

Each Invisalign case has individual requirements, but one year is usually enough to achieve a beautiful smile in adult patients. In children and adolescents, the duration of the treatment is comparable to that involving the use of traditional braces.

Step 3: Orthodontic device created especially for you
leczenie wad zgryzu u dorosłych

Based on the virtual 3D model and the established treatment plan, individual aligners will be custom-fitted to match your teeth.

Invisalign aligners are made of thermoplastic, transparent silicone that does not irritate the cheeks or gums.

Easy and comfortable to wear and apply, they can be easily removed before a meal or during brushing or flossing. Every day, your teeth will gradually and gently move to their new positions.

Since the braces are virtually invisible, most people will never know that you are in the process of correcting your smile.

Step 4: New aligners every 2 weeks
DENTestetica - Invisalign - wymiana alignerow

Every two weeks or so, you replace your old aligners with new ones. Each replacement marks another stage of the treatment that brings you closer to your perfect smile.

To achieve the best results and complete the treatment on time, it is recommended that you wear the aligners every day, from 20 to 22 hours a day.

To monitor the treatment of your malocclusion, we recommend scheduling regular appointments with the attending physician every 6 weeks, and, in addition, whenever you feel the need to make sure that everything is going well.

Step 5: A beautiful smile that you have always dreamed of
DENTestetica - Invisalign - efekty


Finally, the moment has come when we can celebrate your victory and the end of our journey together. The treatment is successful and you can smile wider than ever before.

To maintain the effects of the treatment unchanged, ask your doctor about the best ways to care for your new smile so as to prevent your teeth from shifting again.


If you have questions about any stage of the treatment, we will be happy to answer them. The more you learn about Invisalign, the easier it will be for you to decide on starting the treatment.


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